A Review Of 10 Popular Leather Dog Collars

The bond between you and your dog is special – you don’t need anyone to tell you that.

This explains why you wouldn’t dream of treating your Lab like a second-class citizen or sub-family member when it comes to choosing life enrichment gear such as dog collars.

Every choice matters.

Choosing The Best Leather Dog Collar
Every option has an impact, and you want it to be a positive one.

Best Leather Dog Collars For Labs and Other Large Breeds
You are not alone here, by the way. Just taking a brief browse through the nearly infinite styles, colors, materials, textures and designs of dog collars shows that so clearly!

As modern technology has continued to speed ahead, new fabrics have been developed. This has led to even more dog collar options for your precious pup.

But in this article, we advocate for sticking to the basics with the time-honored choice of leather dog collars.

Read on to learn about the many leather dog collars
benefits of choosing dog collars leather over other more “modern” sounding options.

By the time you finish browsing through these amazing leather collars for dogs, like us, you probably won’t need any more convincing that leather is definitely the way to go!

Benefits of leather dog collars
Did you know that leather dog collars are still the number one choice for wilderness working dogs? Those amazing canines who are trained to do search and rescue.

In many cases, these dogs and their handlers may be out for 72 hours or longer in the ice and snow searching in dangerous weather conditions for missing individuals.

Leather is the material of choice for the many essential supplies: human boots, dog booties, human gloves and dog collars.

If search and rescue dogs are given leather to do their life-saving and very dangerous work, then that is the type of collar we want for our canine sidekicks as well!

Fashion vs Function
Of course, these working dogs are wearing purely functional leather collars. But if you envision something a bit….fancier….for your Lab, you will soon discover there is no shortage of beautiful, customized and even one-of-a-kind leather collars to match your pooch’s unique personality and presence!